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It's time for questions and discussion points for In the Name of the Brother!

1. Our Outsider has a name: Greg Mendell. In tv shows names have meaning and they have even more meaning on this show so the question is: what meaning is there to name the outsider after Gregor Mendel? Is he perhaps a scientist of some sort? All we know about him so far is that he is from Pennsylvania, has a 'her' who he calls honey, takes pictures of food, and has been traveling. Do you think he has been looking for Storybrooke? Maybe heard a rumor or a story (perhaps August got drunk at some point) and decided to follow up on it?

2. I thought they were being more consistent about Emma's lie detecting ability this season but, unless she was only pretending to believe him, she has been fooled again. And could she have been any more weird and unprofessional in her questioning of Greg? If he wasn't suspicious before he would have been after their talk. I guess she is more off-balance about the whole magic and fairytales thing than I realized.

3. Was it smart to save Greg's life? Does the fact that they even talked about it tarnish the 'heroes' at all? Or maybe not since Emma, Snow, and Charming were all quite firmly in favor of saving him.

4. Did Charming and Snow talk at all since she came back or have they spent all their time resting? I would think Daniel coming back to life, attacking Whale AND Henry, and having to be dusted by Regina would be something you'd want to share when asked if there was any news.

5. So...Rumpel and Cora had more than a professional working relationship. Is this just another aspect of Cora's attraction to power or were there feelings involved? Based on this do you think Regina is his daughter?

6. And where exactly is his son? It looked like North Carolina or maybe Virgina to me on the globe but that could be just a poor grasp of geography on the part of the special effects crew. Also, let's note that Maine did not light up. However, we don't know if it works on blood magic or if blood is the price and it then finds whatever/whoever you will it to find.

7. Who is the better mastermind: Cora or Gold? In a few short episodes Cora has let loose Hook on Rumpel to throw him off balance, reconciled with Regina, gotten Emma and Gold out of town, and made a deal for protection. Not bad!

8. Why do you think Belle was in the hospital and wearing a hospital gown? She lost her memory (or rather had it replaced by curse memories) but she was otherwise perfectly healthy since Gold healed her gunshot wound at the beginning of the episode. They wanted her for observation maybe?

9. She smashed Chip. I guess that is the issue with having a relationship memento made out of delicate china. Do you think it will be repaired or is it gone forever? And True Love's Kiss didn't work to bring her back. But then we know it can't work if the other person doesn't remember and isn't ready to love you back.

10. Did you see Gold's threat at the end as a specific threat against the Charmings or more of a more general statement of fact. 'Protect her or I will kill everyone.' And Storybrooke becomes a war zone.
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